Creative pathfinding for people and organisations.  

The Field supports people and organisations to affect change with purpose, creativity and collaboration.  

What people say...

"Sholeh provided a safe space to untangle, clear and, lift up what was in between me and clarity, freedom, my essence and authenticity, making me more able to be in every life situation, leadership included."

"I went into coaching with unclear goals and came our completely surprised and with deep insights into myself and my actions."

"I did a full circle of my personal journey with Creatorship. When I joined I was at the crossing in my career, in the middle of the course all my dreams got shattered and at the end they actually realised themselves even better than I expected. During all this process I felt close support of the entire team and felt safe and confident to share my journey with everyone. Besides that Creatorship brought together amazing individuals and strengthened us in the belief that there is creativity all around us."


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
There's a field. I'll meet you there. ~ Rumi
We're living through a time of rapid change and complexity, felt deeply at personal, organisational and systemic levels.
The Field empowers people and organisations to find purpose, develop leadership capacities fit for this uncertain context, and test new ways of thinking and doing to achieve positive change.
We believe that creativity can ignite the imagination and agency required to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, and that interdisciplinary collaboration and collective leadership will quickly become the norm as we redesign our society to be fit for the future. Creativity and collaboration both require trust and facilitation, and our mission is to enable and inspire people to thrive in this context. We make sense of complexity, encourage curiosity, and facilitate exploration, dialogue and growth where new ideas and ways of doing things can emerge. We do this through creative projects, research and consultancy, one-to-one coaching and group training. 
We work in the space between different 'fields' of knowledge and practice, sometimes shaping new ones. The Field combines expertise in the arts and culture, intercultural understanding, professional development, environmental sustainability, collaborative practice and systems change to facilitate new thinking, design strategy and deliver change with insight, purpose and creativity.
We work across the UK and internationally.



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