The Power of Vulnerability

In partnership with Warwick University, we are producing research that explores the extent to which vulnerability increases the capacity of cultural leaders to be more courageous, collaborative and open to connection, particularly in the context of political, economic and environmental uncertainty. 

Systems Change Hive

The System Change HIVE is a creative engine room to explore alternative futures and visions of society. Starting in Brighton, UK in early 2019, the Hive brings together an interdisciplinary team of emerging and established artists, academic researchers, and immersive technology experts to generate new artworks and insights on culture, communication and activism. We are delighted to be supporting the programme partnerships development and evaluation. 

Creative Climate Leadership

Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) is the world's first leadership intensive for artists and cultural professionals to explore the cultural dimensions of climate change, and take action with impact, creativity and resilience.


The week-long intensive leadership course was co-designed with Julie's Bicycle (UK) and PiNA (Slovenia), and to date has brought together 46 creative climate leaders from over 15 countries worldwide to learn, exchange and innovate together. CCL alumni are working across the arts and culture and creative industries, the development sector, politics and leadership development. 

Culture, Climate and Social Justice: South Africa

In partnership with the National Arts Council of South Africa and the Vrystaat Art Festival we have produced a report into the role of culture in addressing climate justice. The project draws together over 30 interviews with artists, designers, cultural organisations and policymakers across the country to demonstrate the ways in which culture is shaping a more sustainable and just society, including recommendations for further action and investment. 

Under Her Eye: Women and Climate Change

Sholeh was invited by Invisible Dust to facilitate the Under Her Eye Fellowship for women-identifying PhD researchers working on climate-related topics, and emerging artists whose practice engages with environmental themes. The Fellowship provides students with tools to collaborate across disciplines, leading to artworks and engagement programmes that spark conversations on environmental issues. The bespoke training weekend included presentations from leading scientists and artists; along with training and practical workshops on communicating climate change, collaborative working, fundraising and public speaking. The fellows will be involved in producing Invisible Dust's major conference, Under Her Eye (1 and 2 June 2018), which explores the contribution of women to climate action, led by programme ambassador, Margaret Atwood. 

Middlesbrough: Citizen-centred Culture

We worked with Middlesbrough Council to plan the launch of their newly-renovated Town Hall "for the 21st Century" and develop a new cultural strategy to enable a "citizen-centred" approach to cultural programming. 

Library of Change

Library of Change is an evolving collection of cultural works that have inspired positive change in the world, created by activists, artists and people from different walks of life. What book or piece of art impacted you most in doing the work that you do now? Share your story with us, and sign up to receive articles, events and podcasts. 

What can cultural leaders learn from social enterprise?

As the lines blur between the creative, social and environmental sectors, what can we learn from each other, and where can we forge new, interdisciplinary ways of working that build on the best of both sets of expertise?


Compiled as part of a Clore Leadership collaborative learning enquiry, in partnership with the British Council, this report maps initial findings and makes recommendations for further research. 

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