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6 May 2018 - Creative Collaboration as Catalyst for Change, Taipei

I'll be joining the brilliant Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taipei from 2-6 May to co-deliver a programme and conference talk on the role of artists and cultural organisations in sustainable development, and how policymakers can support creative and cultural approaches to change through collaborative initiatives.

Creative Collaboration as a Catalyst for Change will bring local and international artists and activists together for three days of workshops (2-4 May), themed around "The Nourishing Game of Sustainability Awareness", which will explore artists' practice in the context of sustainable development, ecological regeneration and the process of transcending dysfunctional systems to create new value and values for flourishing.

International Conference of Sustainable Art will expand the workshop conversations to a wider audience, exploring the intersections between people, planet, the economy and political initiatives to bring about change and environmental sustainability, drawing on case studies from Taiwan and across the world.

See more information and registration links here.

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