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Feel, Connect, Thrive: Booking Open

Feel, Connect, Thrive: A one-month leadership coaching programme

20-21 June 2023 Live Workshops | London

28 June - 13 July online 121 and group coaching

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Feel, Connect, Thrive (THRIVE) is a four-week programme of group workshops, individual coaching sessions, tools and approaches designed to support leaders to navigate the emotional landscape of leadership, and unlock internal resources of energy and creativity to lead through challenging times.

"One of the best training workshops I have engaged with..." Paula Orrell, Director, Contemporary Visual Arts Network

The programme goes beyond ideas about "resilience" to nurture a state of "thriving", where you feel able to grow and succeed despite uncertain and volatile circumstances. It will unpack how the quality of our relationships with ourselves, others and the wider environment affect our emotional landscape, and explore how to move through difficult feelings with embodied emotional intelligence to uncover new reserves of energy, fresh perspective, confidence and action.

Combining research-based content, embodiment practices, systemic and somatic coaching, the curriculum will cover:

  • Demystifying the emotional landscape of leadership.

  • Developing awareness of the dimensions of emotional intelligence (self, social, systemic), including a range of embodiment practices that will deepen your connection to your body, intuition and emotional wisdom.

  • A four-step process for deepening embodied emotional awareness and taking purposeful action.

  • Approaches to support you and your team to thrive at work, based on our Fearless Compassion model for authentic and creatively empowered relationships.

  • Research-based content, tools and practices that offer a trauma-informed and compassionate approach to personal development and team leadership.

  • Articulation of a strengths-based leadership approach fit for navigating uncertainty.

  • Group and individual coaching time dedicated to addressing real case studies of specific challenges you are facing in this moment.

The outcomes and benefits to you and your organisation will be:

  • Increased confidence

  • Feeling less stressed

  • Increase in energy levels

  • Feeling connected to yourself

  • Clarity on purpose, vision and next steps

  • Better able to navigate uncertainty and change

  • Better able to face and address systemic challenges in your work

  • Healthier relationships with colleagues and collaborators

  • Psychologically safer, more creative and fulfilling workplace and team dynamics

  • Practical and transformative solutions to specific challenges and situations you are currently facing

The package includes:

  • Two days of live group workshops on self, team and systemic leadership with a focus on cultivating “internal” resources for thriving

  • Two online individual coaching sessions

  • Two online group coaching sessions

  • A facilitated peer group platform to stay connected during the programme (and after if desirable)

Who it's for

THRIVE is for people who self-identify as leaders. It's as simple as that. Whether you're leading a large organisation of thousands, a collaborative project of multiple stakeholders, or starting up with a new idea, this course will give you valuable insights to support your own wellbeing, creativity and purpose, as well as tools to develop healthy collaborations and team dynamics.

It started as a programme for cultural leaders, but it's entirely applicable across industries and and has been transformative for participants from the technology, academic, corporate and start-up business sectors since its launch. The more diverse the group, the more profound the peer learning.

Format and Location

THRIVE is delivered live and online (Zoom).

The live workshops will take place 21th and 22nd June in London (venue TBC). Details of the location will be confirmed in advance to attendees.


THRIVE is offered at a sliding scale rate:

  • Salaried professionals £555

  • Freelance professionals £485

Payable in one lump sum before the programme starts on 20 June 2023 at 09:00. The option to pay in three installments is also offered if you pay through PayPal.


Click below to access our booking platform.

Please tell us about any access requirements you have at the booking stage so that we can plan ahead to enable your full participation.

If the Wix Booking Platform is not accessible for you, contact for alternative ways to book.


If you'd like to talk with someone before booking, you can contact your facilitator, Amayah Pelegrin:

What people say

Here's what some of our past participants have said about THRIVE:

THRIVE is one of the best training workshops I have engaged with. When you are wrapped up in work and life it is difficult to step back and reflect. The training came at a critical point where I was able to take the time out and make space to reflect on a challenging time and to reengage with myself. Thriving is a position of being grounded to the earth whilst feeling connected to the people around me, whilst listening deeply to what I feel. I truly recommend this training for everyone in the arts. Paula Orrell, Director, Contemporary Visual Arts Network, England

A well designed programme which has huge relevance in the current climate we live in, where leadership is changing and expectations are higher than ever. In a safe and welcoming space we explored how our bodies and how we embody emotions really help to unveil the secret to going beyond resilience towards thriving. Previous Participant

THRIVE gave me the space and tools to deepen my practice as a cultural leader. This was an enriching, transformative and holistic programme led by expert facilitators who incorporated ideas from arts and psychology in accessible and considered ways. Thanks to THRIVE, I feel able to lead with self awareness, compassion and strength, with a deeper appreciation for the role of feelings in leading well. Previous Participant

The Thrive programme made a big impact on me. It has introduced ideas and practices that I will continue to use. It is an experience that brings genuine space and perspective. Previous Participant

The Thrive Programme is a gift: a deceptively simple methodology that puts you back in touch with YOU. It teaches you to use what is already there, the feelings you already have to strengthen the way that you listen to, hold and lead your teams. It helps you to relax into leadership and draw on your whole, feeling self to create a space of real empathy and power. It requires work, belief and time. But it is transformative. Previous Participant

The power that THRIVE opens up to you is already yours - what you do with the programme is understand what that looks like and how to tap into it to harness your own potential and well-being whatever the circumstances. Previous Participant

Your facilitator

Amayah Pelegrin is an executive coach, facilitator and researcher who has worked with 800+ leaders and organisations across the cultural, academic, social and business sectors in the UK and internationally.

She created THRIVE in 2022, based on her research into Vulnerability and Cultural Leadership (2018) and Feel Your Feelings (2023), and the recurring needs expressed by her coachees, executives and participants of previous leadership development programmes. Her methodology combines a range of different coaching and healing modalities, research-based content, tools and approaches. THRIVE has been developed and tested in collaboration with coaches and collaborators working across the fields of leadership, personal development, creativity, systems change, healing and wellbeing.

Context: why this programme now?

In the arts, academic, social and purpose-driven business sectors, too often our own needs for wholeness and authentic expression are sidelined in service of delivering powerful experiences for others. In this (post)pandemic era, this importance of creating space for feelings and their wisdom to be heard has never been more urgent and important. As multiple crises continue to pose challenges to leaders, employees and organisations across the economy, the “soft” skills that support people to thrive in rapidly changing circumstances are often sidelined under pressure. At work, our feelings are too often taboo, and anecdotally, leaders and their teams are often actively repressing their feelings in environments which provide little context for vulnerability, inhibiting the expression of authentic strengths, gifts and creativity that are core to our wellbeing, success and problem solving under pressure.

While there is a wealth of academic research documenting the importance of psychological safety and vulnerability to the creativity, wellbeing and resilience of organisations and workers, there is still a need for research-based tools and practices that can support a paradigm shift towards leadership that creates conditions for collective thriving.

This programme offers approaches and tools for leaders to begin to rewire this status quo. It aims to meet urgent needs by providing a supportive context and a resource-base to re-centre the wellbeing and creative empowerment of leaders as a paradigm for healthy organisations.


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