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Interview: Liberating Creativity

Cracking the (eco)systems with feral plants

Gaja Mežnarič Osole is a designer and co-founder of Trajna Association. As part of the research and design of Creatorship, Gaja shared her reflections on liberating creativity from oppressive structures, and the importance of reclaiming space at the margins for new possibilities to come alive.

"To create means to evolve. To pioneer means to set up the conditions to ensure the continuation of life, to ensure other life forms have a space to thrive. Creations mostly happen when things crack. The crack is a necessary condition for the start of any pioneering work. This is what invasive and other feral plants do. They grow from cracks to create fertile soils and enable bees and butterflies to feast on their pollen. They transform a dead place into a place of vibrant abundance.

"Artists in a way are just like feral plants. They set up conditions for life by imagining new ways of looking, hearing, relating, being in common - they evolve our perception, our attitudes to life. They create humus, while thriving on the cracks."

Read Gaja's full article and top tips for liberating creativity by learning from the resilience of plants >>


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