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Join Magic Happens: Our Monthly Group Coaching Membership

Building on the popularity of our Thrive and Creatorship group coaching sessions, we are launching an open monthly coaching membership.


Leaders are constantly telling us that they desire a supportive, trusted space where they can unpack challenges with a community of like-minded peers, access new perspectives and leadership approaches, and receive inspiration and motivation.

That's what Magic Happens is all about: peer-to-peer development supported by high quality facilitation and content that responds to real needs, as expressed by members.


Starting in June, we will gather once a month for a two-hour group coaching experience focused on creativity, thriving and shaping healthy, sustainable organisational cultures.

The sessions will offer reflective space to unpack common leadership challenges, content and exercises related to creative leadership, and opportunities to connect with peers who are working towards thriving workplace cultures across Europe and the UK.

It's called "magic happens" because that often the outcome we observe in the coaching process: transformational change. Setting intentions, generating collective power, seeding new possibilities and manifesting potential with aligned action.

Magic Happens is a confidential and informal space in which you can share, receive and recharge, drawing on support over time towards long-term goals for personal and/or collective evolution.

It will be facilitated by The Field directors, Amayah and Vid.

Members will have the opportunity to share challenges and themes that they'd like to see covered in the monthly sessions, so that the programme stays relevant to evolving needs and shared intentions for support and transformation.

Who is it for?

People who identify as leaders (which can be as diverse as a CEO leading a company of thousands, or a freelance artist leading collaborative projects involving multiple stakeholders) who want to improve their creativity, ability to thrive and feel well, and the health and capacity of their organisations or initiatives to respond to the complexity, uncertainty and challenges of the 21st century.

Interested in learning more?

We will be running two months of no-strings-attached, free participation in June and July, to give you a taster of what to expect, and evolve our paid offer to speak to what will bring you value.

Contact for more information.


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