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Workshop: Open-hearted Leadership

This Valentine's we are offering a 2-hour group workshop on cultivating open-hearted and healthy relationships with ourselves, others and the organisations and systems we participate in.

Online (Zoom)

£12 | Book here >

Drawing on research, practice and real-life stories from our work with leaders and their organisations, we will explore what creates the conditions for meaningful and healthy relationships in both life and leadership, working with the specific hopes, aspirations and challenges that you, the participants, bring to the workshop.

The workshop will offer a mixture of group coaching, practical content and exercises, embodiment practices and reflection, to equip you with insights and actions that will deepen awareness and improve the quality of the relationships that matter most to you.

We will cover:

...moving from reactivity to creativity

...showing up with curiosity

...overcoming judgement and blame

...embracing the power of acceptance

...communicating with a courageous and open heart

Whether you're seeking a deeper connection to yourself, other people, your stakeholders, other species, the planet... this workshop will hold space and offer practical insights to help you lean into the vulnerability, connection and courage of open-hearted relationship.

The workshop will be facilitated by Sholeh Johnston and Vid Tratnik. Read more about us here.

Whatever Valentine's means to you, join us for a gentle and profound exploration of how we can experience more love in all that we do.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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