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Creatorship brought me to a new level.


Amazingly, the facilitators took a personal approach with each individual, recognizing that everyone responds and learns differently. They are knowledgeable, intuitive and flexible enough to take a subtle or direct approach depending on the situation.

-- Journalist, 2022 Participant

Creative leadership for navigating uncertainty together

CREATORSHIP is a three-month group coaching experience that supports leaders and their organisations to unleash creativity, develop an emotionally intelligent working culture and transform uncertainty into opportunity, through live and online training, group and individual coaching.

Marketing Director

Not many things in my life had such a strong impact on my understanding of my own behaviour and not many things shifted my mindset so deeply.

IT Team Leader

A life changer. Hacked my personal and professional DNA and turned me into a better version. 

Digital Strategist

Creatorship has been a rewarding experience. I got a lot of insights into my personality, my way of doing business and much more. It has been transformative. 

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We offer CREATORSHIP as a bespoke in-house training for companies, organisations and civic initiatives.


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