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"Thrive is one of the best training workshops I have engaged with."

Programme Participant 2022

"The Thrive Programme is a gift: a deceptively simple methodology that puts you back in touch with YOU. It teaches you to use what is already there, the feelings you already have to strengthen the way that you listen to, hold and lead your teams. It helps you to relax into leadership and draw on your whole, feeling self to create a space of real empathy and power. It requires work, belief and time. But it is transformative."

Programme Participant 2022

THRIVE Online 2024

The next THRIVE online coaching programme runs

17 October to 12 December 2024.

Offering five live workshops, group and individual coaching through a

once-weekly meet-up online, the programme supports changemakers 

to thrive in life and leadership.

Click below to request more information, or book a 20 minute discovery call with facilitator Amayah to see if the programme is right for you.

About the programme

THRIVE is an eight-week leadership coaching programme of group workshops, individual coaching sessions, tools and approaches designed to support leaders to navigate the emotional landscape of leadership, and unlock internal resources of energy and creativity to lead through challenging times.

The programme seeks to go beyond ideas about "resilience" to nurture a state of "thriving", where you feel able to grow and succeed despite volatile circumstances. It unpacks how the quality of our relationships with ourselves, others and the wider environment affect our emotional landscape, and explore how to move through difficult feelings to uncover new reserves of energy, fresh perspective, confidence and action.


It will offer insights, exercises, tools and resources while also being a forum for trouble-shooting real-time challenges and case studies of change brought forward by participants. 


The programme will involve:

  • Five group workshops on self, team and systemic leadership with a focus on cultivating “internal” resources for thriving

  • Five group coaching sessions focused on implementing learning and "live" case study work

  • Two individual coaching sessions

  • A facilitated peer group platform to stay connected during the programme (and after if desirable)

  • Resources that can benefit yourself, your team and the wider sector after the programme

Combining research-based content, embodiment practices, systemic and somatic coaching, the curriculum includes:

  • A range of embodiment practices that will deepen your connection to your body, intuition and emotional wisdom

  • Content, tools and practices that offer a trauma-informed and compassionate approach to personal development and team leadership

  • Approaches to support you (and your team) to thrive at work

  • Group and individual coaching time dedicated to addressing real case studies of specific challenges you are facing in this moment

The final programme will be informed by participant applications, as it seeks to respond actively to what is currently live for you, based on the foundations of a pre-existing, practice- and research-based framework.


THRIVE is delivered online (Zoom) and live. 

Who it's for

THRIVE is for people who identify as change-makers, meaning individuals currently in positions of leadership or senior management, including individuals and freelancers leading projects and teams within larger organisational structures, and people facilitating and building movements of change.

This programme is for you if you are:

  • Looking for approaches to leadership that contribute to regenerative and psychologically safe working cultures;

  • Struggling to cope with the emotional load of leadership and want to find different ways to hold space for feelings in the workplace;

  • Willing to put in the work to try out new approaches, practices and perspectives that can support change;

  • Tired of having to be "resilient" over long periods of time, and want to feel like you're thriving no matter what you're going through;

  • Seeking active and trauma-informed ways to recover from burnout, overwhelm and/or over-extension;

  • Longing for more embodied approaches to learning and enacting leadership that support connection, healing and authenticity;

  • Curious about the relationship between personal development and systemic change, and want strategies for creating change from the "inside out".

People During Workshop

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Thrive Resources

The Thrive programme is informed by our research into thriving, embodied intelligence and creativity. Click below to check out our free resources and research papers. 

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